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Inmate Telephone

Inmate telephones are provided by Global Tel Link (GTL).

Inmates may make calls using the Inmate Telephone system by collect call, debit call, or advanced pay.

  • One Free Call Per Week: GTL will provide inmates with one free 5-minute phone call per week.

  • Collect Call: The called party must agree to accept the phone call; once the call is accept the called party pays for the completed call. 

  • Debit Call: The inmate has a phone account and money may be deposited on his or her account. Once money has been placed on the inmate account he or she may make debit calls using his or her account. 
  • Advanced Pay Call: Advanced Pay calls are similar to debit calls except the registered friend or family has an account assigned to a phone number. When an inmate makes a call to the assigned phone number the advanced pay account is used to pay for the call.

To put money on either an inmate’s account or an advanced pay account please follow this link:

If you have any questions or concerns about the Inmate Telephone system please do not contact the Norfolk Sheriff's Office. Instead, contact GTL by one of the contact options at