Attorney/Client Visitation Update and Instructions

It is the goal of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office to facilitate communications, to the extent practicable, between attorney and client.

There are circumstances even during COVID where a face-to-face meeting is an important component of client representation and preparation.

To facilitate such contact please observe the following:

  • Twenty four (24) hours prior to any planned visit please contact our Visitation staff at (757) 664-4955 and request a face to face visit;
  • Such visits will be accommodated for review and execution of plea agreements, related documents and viewing of evidentiary videos ;
  • Each such visit will take place on the 8th Floor and all COVID protocols, while such are in effect, must be adhered to;
  • Such visits will be for no later than 2:00 pm so please plan accordingly to take into account court appearances and other deadlines

For any questions please contact Deputy Mike Imprevento NSO Staff Attorney at (757) 664-4344.

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