Canteen Services

  • Canteen Services

    The Norfolk City Jail provides canteen services which allow family and friends of inmates to provide them with goods to make their stay at the jail a bit more comfortable. These include fresh premium meals (which you must order yourself), as well as snacks and some items of personal clothing, which inmates can purchase themselves using their (outside-funded) canteen account, or which family and friends can purchase directly and have provided to their inmate.

    In order to ensure that your loved one receives canteen during their stay at the Norfolk City Jail, please follow these directions.

    To deposit money to an inmate’s canteen account, please mail postal money orders with the inmate’s name and ‘TRN’ clearly printed to:

    Resident Canteen
    (Inmate Name and TRN Number)
    P. O. Box 3908
    Norfolk, VA 23514

    The inmate’s name and ‘TRN’ number must be included on the money order and ‘payable to’ the inmate.

    Please send only Postal Money Orders.

    Other ways to credit Canteen accounts:

    • Pay by phone: 1-866-345-1884
    • Online:
    • Use the kiosk machine in the main lobby of the Public Safety Building, 811 E. City Hall Ave.

    Keefe Commissary Network runs the commissary and canteen, but the Sheriff’s Office oversees the program.

  • Premium Fresh Meals

    811 promo811 Market Place

    The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office opened the 811 Market Place to serve your loved ones fresh food in jail.  This program offers you the opportunity to provide a meal to a loved one during their stay.  It also gives a select few people the opportunity to work in the kitchen preparing meals and gaining skills which they can take with them when they are finished with their stay. Our cooks prepare the hot meals in house, and we hand deliver orders every day.

    We are excited about this program and look forward to providing your loved ones a gift from you.

    Click HERE to go to the 811 Market Place website

  • Canteen Packages

    This is the order form for the packages and items available to inmates from our canteen. To place an order click HERE

    (Click HERE for a cellphone mobile-friendly version of this app)

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