• COVID-19 Management at the
    Norfolk City Jail and Courthouses

    Learn how the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is working to keep
    staff and inmates safe from the dangers of COVID-19.


    Someone posing as a Norfolk Sheriff's Office employee is trying to cheat you.

    As a reminder, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office will NEVER call asking for money.

  • Our inmates get vaccinated against COVID-19

    The Norfolk Sheriff's Office is committed to keeping our inmates safe from COVID-19 during the pandemic, and provides them with vaccinations against the disease.
  • Masks Required in Norfolk Consolidated Courthouse

    The Chief Judge of the Norfolk Circuit Court has directed that, effective Monday, August 2, 2021 and until further notice, a face covering will be required to be worn by all citizens entering the Norfolk Consolidated Courthouse and in all public spaces therein.


  • “Check or ‘X’”: Norfolk Sheriff’s Office acquires new tool to reduce spread of COVID-19

    This new hands-free system utilizes FDA approved technology to instantly scan every person entering the Norfolk City Jail or Consolidated Court Building for a common COVID-19 symptom: an elevated temperature.


    The Virginia Department of Health has been made aware of scam phone calls and emails attempting to convince the recipient to reveal sensitive information (such as your bank account information or SSN) or demanding some sort of payment in order to receive a vaccine.

  • Learn about our
    Consumer Protection Unit
    and its main mission called:
    fraud watch logo

The Norfolk Sheriff's Office is seeking applicants for the position of Deputy Sheriff. We are looking for men and women with a love of community and service. We offer good pay; medical, dental, vision, retirement and life insurance benefits; tuition assistance, and more. WE ARE ALSO OFFERING A $4,000 SIGNING INCENTIVE.  Come find out why NSO has been repeatedly voted one of the best places to work in Hampton Roads.
Provide a Fresh Premium Meal

We're proud to offer this option for friends and family to order their loved ones fresh, hot meals, delivered daily, that they'll truly enjoy. Each inmate is allowed two such meals per day. You can easily choose your selection on the 811 Market Place webpage. You can also order snacks and personal items for your inmate on our Canteen Services page.
Prevent Fraud and Scam Attempts

Fraud Watch is a complete toolbox that consumers can use to track down information that they can use to identify efforts to defraud them, as well as how to help protect themselves and their loved ones from such attempts. Here you'll find links to great resources, videos to help inform you and a way to report fraud attempts to NSO.

“You have a person in jail, and they’re probably at their lowest point.
We want to give them hope; to give them options.”

We Are Passionate About Rehabilitation

We strive to provide every resource possible to help our inmates reenter the community with a clear path towards leading a law-abiding and productive lifestyle.

We especially feel our efforts are worthwhile when a previously incarcerated individual is never again placed in our custody.

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