SCAM WARNING! Someone posing as a Norfolk Sheriff's Office employee is trying to cheat you

The Norfolk Sheriff's Office has received multiple phone calls from residents who have recently received a phone call and/or message from someone claiming to be from the Norfolk Sheriff's Office. The person, who has reportedly used the name Sgt. Mike Johnson, is informing residents that they have missed jury duty and have a warrant for their arrest. He continues by telling the citizen that they need to pay a fine or spend one day in jail.


As a reminder, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office will NEVER call asking for money and correspondence regarding jury duty is always done through the mail.

One phone number we know is being used to try and perpetrate this fraud is (757) 946-5424. If you call this number back, there is a recording that says: "You have reached the Norfolk Sheriff's Office." 

THIS NUMBER IS NOT AFFILIATED OR ASSOCIATED WITH THE NORFOLK SHERIFF'S OFFICE!  Its use has been reported to other law enforcement agencies who will assist us in the investigation of this fraud.

If you have fallen victim to this scam and sent money to the callers, please call the Norfolk Police Department's Economic Crimes Division to file a report.


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