FRAUD ALERT - 12/8: NSO Consumer Protection Unit issues two new fraud watches:

1)      A Norfolk resident reported receiving a call from a foreign based call center stating that their Social Security number has been suspended and that they must pay a fine to remove the suspension. The CPU contacted the SSA Office of Inspector General who confirmed that that active investigations into similar reports are ongoing. Please remember, government agencies NEVER provide notifications or request money in this fashion. If you receive such a call or a text message ignore it and delete it. Do not engage with the caller. Report it immediately to our Consumer Protection Unit OIC Deputy Michael Imprevento at (757) 664-4344.

2)      Please be advised that scammers are attempting to solicit funds by falsely stating that the Norfolk Police Department is selling certain merchandise to the public. This usually comes in the form of a text message. This is false. Do not respond. If you get a text message or call of such nature please do not respond and report it to the NSO Consumer Protection Unit as well as the Economic Crimes Division of the Norfolk Police Department. No law enforcement agency will contact you in this way. The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is not offering such merchandise either.  Please protect your private information and identity by NOT responding to such messages.

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