Another message from someone posing as a NSO employee trying to scam the recipient

Phone Scam AlertWe recently shared a recorded voice mail that was left on a Norfolk resident's phone trying to convince the recipient to contact someone who claimed to be associated with the Norfolk Sheriff's Office. It's reasonable to assume that had this person called the number provided, the person on the other end of the line would have attempted to scam the recipient out of money.

Now, we've received another tip and audio file of a voice mail that's quite different from the previous one. We want to share it here to continue to provide guidance on the types of messages that scammers use.

You can hear the actual message HERE:

Although the message is garbled, here's the transcript of what the scammer said:

"This call is a documented call to records to schedule service of process and under federal law your attorney may be present. The preliminary hearing is set to take place with the motion filed. We do need to hear from you in the office at 757-664-9200. Schedule yourself accordingly and I wish you the best of luck."

The recipient of this message wisely did NOT call the number provided, but instead reported it to us. Presumably, if they had called the number back, the scammer would have tried to con them into sending money.

Note that this phone number has NO association with the Norfolk Sheriff's Office. As a reminder, you will never be contacted in this way by anyone associated with this agency. 

If you have received a call like this, DON'T CALL THEM BACK! Instead, please contact the Norfolk Sheriff's Office's Consumer Protection Unit to file a report.

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