“Check or ‘X’”: Norfolk Sheriff’s Office acquires new tool to reduce spread of COVID-19


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 February 4, 2021
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The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office announces a new tool in the fight against COVID-19: thermal imaging cameras.

This new hands-free system utilizes FDA approved technology to instantly scan every person entering the Norfolk City Jail or Consolidated Court Building for a common COVID-19 symptom: an elevated temperature.

This technology is the next step in Sheriff Joe Baron’s comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation plan, which was first implemented in the spring of 2020. That plan included mandatory temperature checks of every deputy, civilian, or contractor entering the Norfolk City Jail and any citizen or attorney wishing to do business with the courts.

Nearly one year later, this new system replaces the hand-held temporal scanners and takes that responsibility off the shoulders of security staff. “By utilizing this accurate automated system, we ensure our security screeners and deputies can give 100 percent of their focus to monitoring the people and their property for possible security threats,” Sheriff Joe Baron said.

As each person passes by the camera, a live video feed on a nearby monitor presents with a green check mark if they do not have a fever, or a red ‘x’ and an alarm should their temperature be above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Every day at the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office we are committed to public safety and public trust. Now public health has also become a top priority. While we know not everyone who has COVID-19 has a fever, we do know that a fever is a common symptom. With this new system, we are able to say with great confidence that absolutely no one with an elevated temperature will be able to enter our buildings. This also eases the concern of long lines to enter the court building and keeps focus on our important security protocols.”

The systems were purchased using CARES Act grant funding, with no burden on Norfolk taxpayers.


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