Sheriff McCabe teaches Kids to Trust deputies & officers

“Why do officers have to be so mean?” asked a kindergarten student at St. Helena Elementary school in Norfolk.

Luckily, Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe was there to answer the question, and he understood why a child might have that negative perception. National news of police brutality is in the spotlight, and even six-year-olds are noticing.

“Deputy Sheriffs are the good guys, and kids can come to us if they are lost,” Sheriff McCabe told the young boy, putting a smile on the child’s face.

The simple, personal interaction hopefully showed the boy that he can trust law enforcement, especially if he ever needs help. Instead of this lesson reaching just one child, an entire classroom of kids were there to learn.

The opportunity arose through a great partnership between Norfolk State University baseball coach Claudell Clark, Norfolk Public Schools and Sheriff McCabe.

When Sheriff McCabe was asked to participate, he didn’t hesitate to say “yes.”

“Our job is to keep the community safe, and they are part of the community. We want to give a good impression of police and law enforcement to our young kids,” McCabe said.​

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