Ask the Sheriff at Town Point Club

Ask the Sheriff: How Police Brutality Coverage is affecting Hampton Roads

July 23rd, 2015 8:30 a.m.

Town Point Club in Downtown Norfolk

RSVP 757.625.6606

101 W. Main St. Ste 300, Norfolk, VA 23510

With all the recent national news on police protests and controversies, Town Point Club thought it would be relevant to have Sheriff Bob McCabe speak about how the coverage is affecting law enforcement.Please join the discussion during a breakfast at Town Point Club, Thursday, July 23rd 8:30 a.m.

After Town Point Club’s invitation, Sheriff McCabe started a social media conversation to answer your questions and concerns.

The coverage is already impacting law enforcement officers on a daily basis: from how they are treated by the public to how they respond to calls.

Are local police having more trouble recruiting officers? Are officers fearful of making arrests? How will this affect my safety?

Post your questions on our Facebook page, and Sheriff McCabe will answer them at the forum at Town Point Club in Norfolk, Thursday July 23rd.

The breakfast is free for Town Point Club members and $5 for non-members, RSVP 757.625.6606.

We hope you’ll join us to be part of this discussion. We will be “Live Tweeting” the event; follow @NorfSheriffPIO and the hashtag #HRpolice. You can follow our conversation live over Twitter as it happens, and give us feedback. If you’re in the audience, please retweet and share your thoughts with hashtag #HRpolice.

Your input will help our local law enforcement teams brainstorm to find solutions to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Sheriff McCabe has more than 30 years experience in law enforcement, as a corrections officer, police officer and Sheriff.

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