Virginia Attorney General visits Sheriff’s summer camp

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is proud to host Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring at Sheriff McCabe’s free summer camp at Camp Apasus on July 10th, 2015.

This is the first year the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office has won a “Virginia Rules” grant from the Office of the Attorney General. Under the program, children at Sheriff McCabe’s camps are taking classes in “Virginia Rules” curriculum. The lessons cover everything from gang violence to sexting to drugs.

Attorney General Herring is expanding the “Virginia Rules” camps this summer to help build community and prevent crimes.camp1

“I’m proud we’re expanding Virginia Rules Camp across the Commonwealth so more kids can build relationships with law enforcement officials in their communities, enjoy outdoor activities, learn about the law, and have a great time in the process,” Attorney General Mark Herring said.

The Sheriff Bob McCabe Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has provided free sports and summer camps for Norfolk children for more than ten years. Sheriff McCabe is thrilled to win a nearly $6,000 grant from the Office of the Attorney General to implement the “Virginia Rules” curriculum.

“Our Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Team made sure to seek out this great opportunity to provide yet another positive program for children here in Norfolk. We are grateful for Attorney General Herring’s support to help inspire our kids to stay on the right path in life,” Sheriff McCabe said.

The Office of Attorney General started “Virginia Rules” as a law education program to help middle and high school students make good decisions, avoid breaking laws, and become responsible, active citizens within their schools and communities. In August 2014, Attorney General Herring decided to expand the program after successful pilot projects in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia.

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