First Ted Talk shown in Norfolk Jail

Local Norfolk Artist Charlotte Potter is passionate about “Ted Talks:” inspirational videos to share great ideas across the world.

After Potter led a “Ted Talk” herself on performance art, she suggested “Ted Talks” be shown to inspire inmates inside the Norfolk City Jail.

Sheriff McCabe thought it was a great idea.

"I believe we should have a wide variety of programs inside our Norfolk City Jail to inspire people to live a better life. The average stay for inmates is about 58 days, and then they return to our community. My hope is that these offenders will not end up back in jail again on the taxpayer’s dime because they learned how to make better choices,” Sheriff McCabe said.

McCabe is airing the first “Ted Talk” video to inmates Thursday July 30th at 11 a.m.

The video features speaker Shaka Senghor who shot and killed a man in 1991. For many of his 19 years in prison, he was bitter, angry and unwilling to take responsibility for his actions. Thanks to family and mentors, Senghor did turn his life around, and he now acts as a mentor and coach to at-risk youth. He knows first-hand the value of a justice system that can rehabilitate people who might otherwise be discarded.

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office can show Ted Talks for free because there is no licensing fee. The TED nonprofit is devoted to spreading great ideas to help make a difference worldwide.

Local Arts and Entertainment online magazine ALT DAILY is asking readers which Ted Talks they think should be shown next in jail.

Sheriff McCabe is happy to consider the suggestions, and grateful the community wants to get involved in helping people rise above.

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