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Why Join NSO?

"I come from a large family of first responders. When I first moved to the area six years ago from up north, I applied to all the local law enforcement agencies that were hiring at the time. My family and myself were raised with certain morals and values that as it turned out aligned with the core values of the Norfolk Sheriff's Office. So when I got the call, I was more than willing to step up. I was happy to join the ranks of my family in blue in service of my community. It takes a certain level of compassion, empathy, duty, and strength in oneself to not only be a law enforcement officer, but to apply these attributes vigilantly all the time with everyone you meet. I go home everyday proud of what I do to help our community. To be firm yet caring, to be equally fair with those I interact with, but above all else to be consistent.” 

- Deputy D. Flores


" Growing up I had a passion for law enforcement, however, could never actually see myself applying. I was afraid I was not cut out for the career. I then started to really look into my options for this area and came across the NSO webpage. My initial impression was that the NSO was a caring, family-oriented organization. After working with the NSO for over a year now, I can attest that my feeling was correct. Having that initial impression gave me the confidence to apply and I am so glad that I did. I enjoy every day that I work and all the challenges that I get to learn to overcome."

- Deputy R. Vernon


"I joined the NSO because I truly have a strong desire to help people who sometimes can not help themselves. As law enforcement officers, we often deal with the darker side of life and I feel I can be a part of bringing some positive light to the world and the situations we deal with. The NSO has been a family to me for a long time and the ties get stronger as we pass on our knowledge and experience to the new men and women who accept this enormous responsibility. Go team NSO!"

- Captain T. Glaser


"I joined the NSO to make a difference and get in a field that is never routine. Being in law enforcement may have its ups and downs but every shift is different from the other so it keeps the job extremely interesting. And here at the NSO there are MANY opportunities to diversify your job tasks. I started in Corrections, now in Operations, and Recruitment. I love the opportunity to grow here!” 

- Deputy B. Pilkington


      • We’re a diverse and inclusive employer, with opportunities for leadership
      • Voted “Best Places to Work in Hampton Roads,” by Inside Business Publication
      • Professional development through training and educational programs