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Network Engineer

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is seeking a Network Engineer who will help develop, test, and maintain software to meet the requirements of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office.  The incumbent will be responsible for reviewing, designing, engineering, and administering security functions and tools throughout for life cycle, supporting security risk assessments, conducting vulnerability scans, and implementing remediation activities for the Department’s supervisory control and data acquisition systems.  The position monitors for intrusion, suspicious activity, and security violations as it relates to data and network security of supervisory control and data acquisition systems and coordinates cyber security matters with Information Technology Department.  The incumbent will be responsible for the security network to include video management system, access control, and PLCs. 

Salary Information
  • This is a full-time position; Salary range is $59,358.00 - $89,866.00 per Year
  • Maintaining and monitoring network and server system according to regulatory and best practice standards.
  • Recognizing, anticipating, troubleshooting, repairing, and resolving all network and server related problems.
  • Maintain regular and consistent backups of network and server systems, meeting and regulator and best practice standards for business continuity.
  • Maintaining security of network and server systems according to regulatory and best practice standards.
  • Supporting and working with in-house security systems.
  • Ensuring proper login security and authorization levels and maintained.
  • Create accounts when required and remove unauthorized accounts.
  • Providing technical support and direction to Norfolk Sheriff’s Office staff.
  • Maintaining documentation and being able to report on network/server systems.
  • Asset management
  • Software and hardware licensing
  • Network LAN/WAN topology
  • Instances of equipment failure, repair, installation, and removal
  • Business continuity plans
  • Vendor warranty and maintenance agreements
  • System performance and utilization information
  • Acting as support for the Desktop Administrator and the Systems Administrator. Working with third party vendors to upgrade, install, and repair certain systems.
  • Formal Education/Knowledge 

    • Work requires knowledge of a specific vocational, administrative, or technical nature, which may be obtained with a two-year associate degree, diploma or equivalent from a college, technical, business, vocational, or correspondence school.

  • Experience 
    • Three years of related work experience or schooling in the technology field. 
    • Security+, Network+, Windows Server environment, PLC's, Ocularis VMS, Access Control Systems. 
Automatic Disqualifiers

The following will cause the processing of the applicant to be immediately discontinued:

  • Criminal Record:
    • A felony or any offense that would be a felony if committed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    • A misdemeanor involving moral turpitude including, but not limited to, Petit Larceny under § 18.2-96 or any offense involving moral turpitude that would be a misdemeanor if committed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. (i.e., larceny, embezzlement, perjury, etc.)
    • Any misdemeanor sex offense in the Commonwealth of Virginia, another State, or the United States.
    • Any domestic assault under § 18.2-57.2 or any other offense that would be a domestic assault under the laws of another state or of the United States Government.

  • Driving Record:
    • Current driver's license suspension.
    • Driver's license suspension within the last 12 months for any moving violations prior to submitting the application and anytime thereafter. (Suspension resulting from insurance monitoring, may be considered, providing the applicant's license is valid and in good standing at the time of their application submission.)
    • Conviction of a misdemeanor hit & run.
    • Extensive traffic violation convictions exceeding minus (-5) DMV demerit points.

  • Drug Usage:
    • Use of any illegal drug other than marijuana or hashish within the past five (5) years.
    • Any use of heroin by injection at any time.

  • Other:
    • Any dishonorable discharge from the armed services.
    • Any other substantial violation of Federal law.