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IMG 1039The Norfolk Sheriff's Office had graduated the first participants in a program to help our inmates with substance abuse and other mental health issues address their illnesses and prepare for a better life upon their release from incarceration.

The ceremony took place on Friday, January 19, 2018 at 10 a.m. Our first graduating class of the Addiction Recovery Grant Program at the Norfolk City Jail consisted of ten inmates, for whom we couldn't be happier.

award sealIn October 2017, seven deputies were recommended for The Sheriff Meritorious Ribbon/Employee Recognition. The ribbon is awarded to sworn employees of the NSO who are involved in an incident where a meritorious act is performed.

The recommendation was based on an incident that occurred on August 16, 2017 when Corporal Gibran Barclift collapsed while at work but was pronounced dead at the hospital. Each deputy received a Positive Action Report for their heroic efforts during this incident from their supervisors and were subsequently recommended for the Sheriff’s Meritorious Performance Ribbon for performing life-saving measures and/or CPR while being under severe duress attempting to preserve the life of Cpl. Barclift.

trophiesI am pleased to announce the following selections for Employees of the 4th Quarter 2017 for the quarter ending December 31, 2017 and Deputies of the Year for two local organizations. In addition, two new awards have been created for Civilian of the Year and Leadership. A revised policy and procedure for the two new awards (Civilian of the Year and Leadership) will be forthcoming.

  • Deputy Phillip McKeon: Deputy of the 4th Quarter
  • Deputy Phillip McKeon: Deputy of the Year Post 327
  • Deputy Michael Conner: Deputy of the Year Post 4809
  • Julia Dunn: Civilian of the 4th Quarter
  • Lisa Hales: Civilian of the Year (NEW)
  • Lt. Jason Giovenco-Montano: Leadership Award (NEW)

karen headshot 16x9The Norfolk Sheriff's Office is proud to welcome back Karen Hopkins Pinkston as the NSO Public Information Officer (PIO).

Karen was our PIO from 2015-2016, before she moved to California for her husband's Navy orders.

workcrews 3 16x9Something many citizens may not consider is the need for continued operations of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office (NSO) in weather where others get the day off. The NSO is making every effort to ensure continued operations and help out in the community during this weather event. NSO staff were up early responding to the needs of our employees, inmates, and our community.

Joe at SchoolYou might think that after nine months on the job, Sheriff Joe Baron was ready to hit the ground running after winning election to the offfice in November. But when you're newly elected to a constitutional office in the Commonwealth of Virginia, as the person responsible for the administration of that agency, there's a whole lot of additional legal and administrative rules and procedures that you're expected to know.

Having continued furthering his education throughout his career, Sheriff Baron would also say there's always something else to learn, and fortunately, multiple opportunities are made available for those newly elected officers to acquire that knowledge. Not only can they absorb lessons from those who came before them, but also familarize themselves with the expectations of elected officials and the rules and regulations that apply to their specific agencies.

toolboxesWhen secretaries receive Christmas gifts from their bosses, it's usually a gift card to a restaurant or a retail store or something hand-picked for the person.  Not expecting any gift at all, I was a bit surprised when Sheriff Baron presented me with a large, heavy, gift-wrapped box this year with a grin on his face from ear to ear.  I’m not sure who was more excited for me to open it – me or him. 

Once I opened it, we both had a good laugh.  Many of the staff – both guys and ladies – know that in my storage closet there is a tool box.  It's not just any tool box, but a pink “Lady Mate” tool box with pink handles on the screwdrivers, pliers, and other pieces.  Nonetheless, when someone needed a simple tool, whether it was Special Projects, Technology, Training, or Administrative staff (even Sheriff Baron when he was a Captain and Colonel), they would help themselves to my toolbox. 


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