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At the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office, our values are to have integrity in all things, respect for all others, duty without prejudice, pride without ego, and team before self. Deputy Conner Deputy Michael Conner is an example of living out those values.

We have received another report of a common scam that’s been going around Hampton Roads.

A resident reported that Sunday morning he received a call from someone, claiming that he has two outstanding warrants. The person would not identify themselves or say which office they were calling from. They claimed to be calling on behalf of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office. They said something about calling regarding “insurance duty.” When he asked them which office they were calling from and the phone number of the office, they hung up. Thankfully, this person was not scammed, but we wanted to pass along the reminder.

Things to Remember:
· Correspondence regarding jury duty is always done through the mail
· The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office will never call asking for money
· Do not send money to anyone you do not know
· Pass this information onto a friend - spreading the words is the simplest way to help prevent others from becoming victims of scams.

Click here to watch our PSA video about scams. 


As Norfolk struggles with graduation rate, Sheriff helps kids dream bigger

With the region’s lowest high school graduation rate at 84 percent, the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office has launched a new way to inspire middle school students to rise above. The first“Youth Character Allstars” day gave 150 inner-city kids a chance to experience college life, and meet the Harlem Globetrotters, with one goal in mind: help kids dream bigger.

“We wanted to get inner-city kids excited about college. Many of them don’t understand what college is besides the educational part. A college education isn’t unreachable. It’s right there in their backyard,” Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Lt. Meryah Breeden said.

Cpt. Pestik Just before his 19-year-anniversary at the Norfolk Sheriff's Office, Benjamin Pestik was promoted to Captain. Capt. Pestik has always stood out as a leader at the NSO. He is a prime example of our values we all strive to live by every day.

Team NSO TimesYou can join the military at 18 years old, and now, you can become a Norfolk Sheriff’s Office deputy too. The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office announced the policy update in a news release distributed on January 31.

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications to hire deputies who are 18 years old and above. In the past, deputies were required to be at least 21 years old. But as law enforcement recruiting continues to struggle nationwide, sheriffs and police chiefs are finding new ways to attract more qualified candidates with a passion for public service.

award seal

The following staff members were recognized in January for career milestones with the Norfolk Sheriff's Office.

Please offer them your congratulations when you see them.

Dep. McKeon

Norfolk, Va (Jan. 23, 2018) -- A Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Deputy received an award for his brave actions and public service in 2017 ---  including stopping a dangerous knife fight. The American Legion’s Tidewater Post 327 presented the “Deputy of the Year” award to Deputy Philip McKeon on Tuesday.


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