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New Recruits at RangeIn light of the recent mass shootings and gun violence, having well-trained deputies and first responders is more important than ever. As we saw in the recent Maryland school shooting, the deputy responded within minutes, ensuring a quick end to the crisis.

14 Inmates GraduateFourteen inmates graduated from the Norfolk Sheriff's Office Addiction Recovery Grant Program on Friday, April 13. It’s a 3-month-program to help people in jail cope with mental health problems and substance abuse addictions.

STU in Jail WAVY-TV and WTKR-TV recently did stories on how our deputies contribute to public safety every day by working inside the jail. Deputies are actively gathering intelligence inside jail on criminals and gang members, which has led to arrests in recent shootings, armed robberies, and murder cases.

Parnham Deputy of Year Deputy Parnham is an example of living out the NSO values: integrity in all things, respect at all times, duty without prejudice, pride without ego, and team before self. He is known for the respect and professionalism he shows his fellow coworkers, supervisors, and the citizens of Norfolk.

NSO PROMO“I want you to be an advocate for your people. Your people have great ideas that can help our organization grow and be better. Listen to your people. Listen to what they need. You can’t do that unless you build relationships with them,’ Sheriff Joe Baron said the the promotions ceremony on March 16th. “Be an advocate for our organization. Our organization is here for a purpose. We play a very important role in the criminal justice system, and our job is important to the community.”

Joe new staffpicSheriff Joe Baron was recently featured in Inside Business explaining the key takeaways from the NSO Leadership Development program. You can read the entire article by clicking on this link.

GED GRADIn March, we celebrated the graduation of a student from our GED program. Thanks to our dedicated teachers and our deputies, we can provide this opportunity to students in jail, so they can leave as better people.


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