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- March 1 through May 3, 2019

“This was a great challenge and it helped me push to lose some weight. I’m happy to report that it still off and my TWIN TWIN Big Will is keeping watch with me thru this journey to a better and more fit life. My energy level up and sleeping better. Keep up the good work everyone. FIT FOR LIFE” 

~Deputy F. King

Collectively, 63 challengers:

22 males and 41 females have lost a total of 486.7 pounds! That is 75% (of 83) stayed in the challenge until the end.

12 Males and 18 Females reached goal totaling 30 Winners!! 

  • R. Fiorella

    R. Fiorella

  • C. Samboy

    C. Samboy

  • E. Shildt

    E. Shildt

  • L. Cottrell

    L. Cottrell

  • K. Holt

    K. Holt

  • F. King

    F. King

  • Weight Loss Challenge Support Team

    Weight Loss Challenge Support Team

  • R. Hoose

    R. Hoose

  • K. Wells

    K. Wells

  • C. Stevenson

    C. Stevenson

  • S. Barnett

    S. Barnett

  • M. English

    M. English

  • W. Crocker

    W. Crocker

  • K. Holt's measurement

    K. Holt's measurement

  • J. Fairfield's measurement

    J. Fairfield's measurement

  • F. Morgan

    F. Morgan

  • R. Muncie

    R. Muncie

  • J. Willoughby

    J. Willoughby

  • J. Stewart

    J. Stewart

  • M. Adams

    M. Adams

  • A. Ayers

    A. Ayers

  • M. Isearl

    M. Isearl

  • A. Doyle

    A. Doyle

  • M. English checks out results

    M. English checks out results

  • F. King's measurement

    F. King's measurement

  • M. Bibbins

    M. Bibbins

  • J. Fairfield

    J. Fairfield

  • L. Thomas

    L. Thomas

  • A. Boyd

    A. Boyd


    • R. Hoose:   12.5 %
    • M. English:   8.4% 
    • E. Shildt:   7.4% 
    • J. Willoughby:   6.5% 
    • F. King:   5.9% 
    • D. Ayers:   5% 
    • R. Muncie:   5% 
    • R. Fiorella:   4.8% 
    • M. Butler:   4.5% 
    • J. Fairfield:   4.4% 
    • J. Stewart   4% 
    • H. Chisolm:   4% 


    • M. Adam:   8.5% 
    • L. Cottrel:   7.6% 
    • A. Boyd:   6.8% 
    • C. Samboy:   6.5% 
    • A. Doyle:   5.4% 
    • K. Holt:   5.3% 
    • L.Thomas:   5.3% 
    • M. Moten:   5% 
    • C. Stevenson:   5% 
    • F. Jackson:   4.6% 
    • K. Wells:   4.5% 
    • W. Crocker:   4.4% 
    • S. Barnett:   4.2% 
    • M. Isearl:   4% 
    • F. Morgan:   4% 
    • M. Bibbins:   4% 
    • C. Riddick:   4% 
    • A. Tardy:   4%

    It’s not only about losing weight. It’s participating in something collectively.


    To a healthier you:

    • 75% Dietary and 25% Exercise
    • Eat 3 meals, 2 (100 cal) snacks, 1 (150) treat
    • 300-600 calories per meal (depends on individual)
    • Hydrate (drink half your body weight in ounces: ex. 150 pounds is 75 oz.= 9 cups) 
    • Exercise 3-5 days weekly
    • Sleep! at least 7 hours daily (invest in a pedometer to track)
    • Plan. Commit. Visualize.



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