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Norfolk Sheriff Joe Baron recognized two staff members for stopping an inmate gambling ring, and solving multiple crimes in the community by gathering intelligence in jail. Brenda Hallman Civilian of 2nd Quarter

Brenda Hallman was selected as Civilian of the 2nd Quarter for her efforts in uncovering a gambling ring inside the Norfolk City Jail. Hallman, who works in the property division, noticed that one woman was coming to claim property for several inmates. She thought this was suspicious, so she alerted the jail’s Security Threat Unit (STU).

Due to Hallman’s initiative, the STU conducted multiple interviews, identifying an inmate gambling ring inside the jail. The investigation found that when inmates could not pay their monetary debts as a result of their gambling losses they would then be forced to release their property to the woman collecting the inmate property who was acting as a collection agent for the leaders of the gambling ring.

Sheriff Baron also selected Deputy A. Weeks as Deputy of the 2nd Quarter. Deputy Weeks works at the jail’s Security Threat Unit, where he gathers intelligence to help solve crimes in the community. Because deputies inside the jail spend every day with inmates, they learn a lot about them. When inmates are released and commit crimes again, police will contact the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office to see if deputies can identify the suspect or provide any background information.

Deputy Weeks has provided intelligence on several cases, including an armed robbery, a double-homicide, a triple shooting, and multiple liquor store thefts. In all of these cases, Deputy Weeks provided information that led to the arrests or prosecution of criminals. Additionally, he prevented a threat of inmates attacking deputies inside the jail. Deputy Weeks Dep. of 2nd Quarter

Deputy Weeks’ commitment to duty further rose to the forefront on June 6, 2018. Deputy Weeks was off-duty in Virginia Beach when he was flagged down by some children. The children had been approached by two men in a van who told the children that they intended to take one of them. Deputy Weeks first ensured that the children were moved to a safe place, while he called 911. Deputy Weeks provided a description of the vehicle and its occupants to police and the van was later stopped. Police located assorted children’s’ toys in the van along with ropes that were tied in a manner consistent with use for bondage. The driver was arrested for DUI and the passenger was also arrested for being intoxicated. Police continue to investigate.

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