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New Recruits at RangeIn light of the recent mass shootings and gun violence, having well-trained deputies and first responders is more important than ever. As we saw in the recent Maryland school shooting, the deputy responded within minutes, ensuring a quick end to the crisis.

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is working to prepare the newest deputies to respond to these types of threats. WAVY-TV covered our academy of about 20 recruits completing target training at the gun range. In the back of their minds, these deputy recruits know that they might have to use this training someday out in the community, especially because Norfolk Sheriff’s deputies work part time at local schools, restaurants and businesses.

"This is a passion for me," recruit Chelsea Boyd told WAVY-TV.  "I've always wanted to protect other people so I have to do what I can to help people."

"Every day you come to work and you put on that uniform you know it is real," deputy recruit Deshawn White added.

After days at the range, the recruits will move to training on real-life situations, which includes an active shooter scenario at the Norfolk courthouse. The new recruits are set to graduate on May 31, 2018. Watch WAVY’s full story here.

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