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    NSO PROMO“I want you to be an advocate for your people. Your people have great ideas that can help our organization grow and be better. Listen to your people. Listen to what they need. You can’t do that unless you build relationships with them,’ Sheriff Joe Baron said the the promotions ceremony on March 16th. “Be an advocate for our organization. Our organization is here for a purpose. We play a very important role in the criminal justice system, and our job is important to the community.”

    Deputy Paul Brown to Corporal
    Paul was hired in June 2015. He is a Marine and Navy veteran (8 years of service). He started his career in corrections working at St. Brides Correctional Center in 2003 and he worked at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail. He was assigned to D Team prior to being promoted and will be transferring to B Team, Corrections.

    Deputy Jessica Freeman to Corporal
    Jessica was hired in January 2015.  She graduated from the NSO Basic Academy, 55th Session, in November 2015.  She has been assigned to Corrections B-Team, where she has completed an armor’s course, a Field Training Officer’s Class and has completed Leadership Classes. Some of her favorite things to do are eating good food, working out, riding horses and having good family and friend moments. In high school she participated in basketball, track and marching band.

    Master Deputy Arthur Knighton to Corporal
    Arthur was hired in May 2008.  He has worked primarily on A-team but has also worked on C Team.  He loves to spend time and make memories with his family. He also enjoys working on cars (but does not like yardwork).  His favorite teams are the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bulls, and the New York Yankees.

    Deputy Robert West to Corporal
    “Rob” was hired in April 2015 and completed the NSO academy with highest Academic Award. He was recently surprised with the Sheriff’s Meritorious ribbon and award.  Rob was a commercial and residential electrician for 13 years. He is very active in church, and has the support of his family. He is always willing to volunteer or go in to work, in a moment’s notice.  An avid soccer player, Rob volunteered his time for quite a few years and coached a local homeschool team.

    Corporal Latricia Cottrell to Sergeant
    Latricia was hired in May 2006, and she gained law enforcement experience at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail from 2001 to 2003 and at The Virginia Port Authority from 2003 to 2006. Her NSO assignments have included D Team Corrections, Community Corrections, A Team Corrections and B Team Corrections.  She loves traveling all over the United States visiting her grandkids and shopping for things that help them learn and stay busy with positive activities.

    Corporal Johnathan Eagle to Sergeant
    Johnathan was hired in May 2012 and graduated from the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Basic Academy 49th session in October 2012. He was promoted to the rank of Corporal in January of 2016. He has worked for all four Jail Teams, in the Mailroom/Visitation, Technology and is currently assigned to Research and Development. When he isn’t at work or doing school work, he enjoys spending time with his family.  He is enrolled in the Masters of Divinity program at Regent University for Chaplain Ministry.

    Corporal Gregory Gill to Sergeant
    Gregory was hired by the NSO in July 2011 and graduated with the 47th basic academy class in November 2011.  He was assigned to Corrections B-Team, B-team Booking and Circuit Court before being promoted to Corporal. He has since been assigned to B-team corrections, D-Team booking and Training.  He is a family man and enjoys learning and being out in the sun.

    Corporal Michael LaPorte to Sergeant
    Michael was hired by the NSO in August 2012 and graduated from the 50th Session in April 2013.  Mike was promoted to Corporal in April 2015. He has been assigned to D and B Team Corrections and is currently a C Team Booking Supervisor where he will stay after his promotion.  He has been a SERT member for almost 4 years.

    Corporal Juan Serrano to Sergeant
    Juan was hired by the NSO in July 2012 and after graduating from the NSO Basic Academy in October of 2012 was assigned to Corrections A-Team. He has worked in Work Release (on the road and as a counselor) Consolidated Courts, Corrections C-Team and is currently assigned to the Community Affairs Division. He is an active member of the SERT team. He is a Taser, firearms, chemical and general instructor and continues to pursue more certifications.  Serrano went to Norfolk State University on a baseball scholarship in 2003. Before graduating from NSU he played Independent Professional Baseball in 2008 and 2009 for the St. George Road Runners out of St. George, Utah. Corporal Serrano also initiated a baseball camp in 2014 at Norfolk State for the Sheriff’s Sports Camp.

    Master Deputy George (Steve) Hoggard to Sergeant
    In January 2014 Master Deputy Hoggard was hired by the NSO as a recruit and later became a deputy in the jail working on D-Team. He retired from the Norfolk Police Department after 30 years of service where he worked three  Patrol Divisions, was an investigator with the Vice/Narcotics and Detective Divisions, an instructor at the Training Academy, a diver with the Harbor Patrol, an entry team member with the Special Operations Team, and a Hostage Crisis Negotiator. During his police career he was selected as Officer of the Year and was awarded two Police Commendation Medals and the department’s Distinguished Service Award.  After he retired from the police department he worked as a private contractor working with the DEA in Afghanistan where he traveled the country training Afghan Counter-Narcotics officers Master Deputy Hoggard has worked in the Services Unit supervising inmates in the jail laundry and in 2016 he was selected as Deputy of the 4th Quarter. He is currently assigned to the Security Threat Unit as a gang specialist in the jail.

    Sergeant Christopher Adams to Lieutenant
    Chris Adams has been here for 24 years and has worked every floor in the jail, was assigned to Civil Process off and on for about 8 years, K9 for 3 years, and is currently Assistant Team Commander for C-Team in the jail.  His favorite team is the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. He has received the Meritorious Services award twice, Deputy of the Quarter, Deputy of the Year, and many letters of appreciation from NSO and other law enforcement agencies.

    Sergeant Timothy Harkins to Lieutenant
    Tim was hired into the NSO family in 2008. He spent three years as a deputy, three years as a corporal, and three years as a sergeant. His assignments have included Corrections, Booking, Visitation, Work Release, and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.  He was Deputy of the 2nd Quarter in 2011 and he also received his Associate’s Degree in Administration of Justice from Tidewater Community College. He is a Virginia DCJS Certified General Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and is a member of the Crisis Negotiations Team. Tim has also been certified in three schools for Hostage/Crisis Negotiation to include FBI, NPD, and ICS. He has successfully completed Major Carter’s Leadership course.

    Sergeant Floyd Williams to Lieutenant  
    Floyd was hired by the NSO in 2001 and worked in the Investigation Division.  After 4 years in that division he was promoted to the rank of Corporal. His supervisory duties included scheduling out of state travel to pick up prisoners that had absconded from the Commonwealth of Virginia and return them back for prosecution. In 2005, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. His daily responsibilities became making local arrests and investigating Unclaimed Bodies which required searching for and locating the next of kin and determining the appropriate disposition of the decedent.  Lt. Floyd Williams will be assigned to the Professional Standards Division. Floyd retired from the Norfolk Police Department in 2001 where he worked as a Narcotic’s Investigator and was deputized as a Federal Task Force Agent for DEA, the Drug Enforcement Administration and The FBI. He retired after 32 years of service.

    Lieutenant Kenneth Campbell to Captain
    Ken was hired in December 2003 following a 21-year career in the United States Navy which ended in this very building when it belonged to the Navy Shore Patrol. He has worked on Jail A Team, C Team Booking, DCC, IT, D Team, Jail Admin and is currently in the HR Department. After a year of working closely with the City on the new payroll implementation his son said “It’s about time he puts that Accounting Degree to use!”

    Major Raymond Fiorella to Lieutenant Colonel
    Raymond was hired by the NSO in January 2004 and assigned to the Organizational Development-PRIDE Unit.  During his time in the PRIDE Unit he worked for a Lt. Colonel, a Major, and a Captain. He was promoted to Captain in September of 2011 and became the OIC of Organizational Development.  Ray was then promoted to Major in February 2015 and became the OIC of Corrections. Ray was hired by the New York City Department of Corrections in September of 1982 and retired as a Captain in September 2002 with 20 years of service.

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