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workcrews 3 16x9Something many citizens may not consider is the need for continued operations of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office (NSO) in weather where others get the day off. The NSO is making every effort to ensure continued operations and help out in the community during this weather event. NSO staff were up early responding to the needs of our employees, inmates, and our community.

Some of those efforts included:

  • Command staff, including the Sheriff Joseph Baron, were out picking up deputies from their homes and getting them to work to cover day shift operations.
  • Sheriff’s Office work crews started early clearing snow from city sidewalks, parking lots, and areas surrounding jail operations to keep every resource available as needed.
  • Community affairs and training staff called over 170 seniors on our watch list to make sure they are OK.
  • Sheriff Joseph Baron along with a 5 man response team patrolled various parts of Norfolk helping stranded motorists, digging them out and pushing them out of the snow so they could get on their way. Over fifty motorists were assisted by 4:00 p.m. including several Norfolk Police vehicles, Light Rail (twice) and a city ambulance.
  • Once jail operations were assured with snow removal, Sheriff work crews began assisting city parks and forestry and general services departments with other areas in need of snow removal.

Here are some photos of our crews and Sheriff Joseph Baron working in the community assisting our citizens.

  • workcrews-1
  • workcrews-11
  • workcrews-2
  • workcrews-21
  • workcrews-3
  • workcrews-31
  • workcrews-4
  • workcrews-41
  • workcrews-5
  • workcrews-51
  • workcrews-6
  • workcrews-61
  • workcrews-7
  • workcrews-8
  • workcrews-9
  • workcrews-b10
  • workcrews-b11
  • workcrews-b12
  • workcrews-b13
  • workcrews-b14





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