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A ceremony to administer the oath of office to Sheriff Joseph Baron, as well as to approximately 100 NSO deputies, was held in the rotunda of the Norfolk Consolidated Courthouse on December 27, 2017 at 9 a.m.

Sheriff Baron was initially sworn in as Interim Sheriff on February 1, 2017 following the retirement of Sheriff Bob McCabe. He was duly elected Sheriff by the citizens of Norfolk on November 7, 2017.

  • Barbara Klear, Secretary of the Norfolk Electoral Board reads a greeting to certify Joseph P. Baron was duly elected Sheriff in the City of Norfolk.
  • Judge Doyle administers the oath of office to Sheriff Baron.
  • Judge Doyle with Sheriff Baron following the administration of the oath.
  • Deputies witness Sheriff Baron’s oath and stay for their own reappointment.  A few deputies came in on their day off in civilian attire to get reappointed.
  • NSO deputies, civilian staff, and Sheriff Baron’s family members witness the brief ceremony.

First, Barbara Klear, Secretary of the Norfolk Electoral Board read this certification:

“This is to certify, that at a meeting of the Electoral Board of the City of Norfolk, held in the Circuit Court, and upon examination of the official records deposited therein, it was ascertained and determined that at the election held on November 7, 2017 Joseph P. Baron was duly selected Sheriff in the City of Norfolk, Virginia for the term, prescribed by law. Witness the following official Signature and the Seal of the Electoral Board on this 13th Day of November 2017.”

Next, Sheriff Baron was first sworn in by The Honorable John R. Doyle III. Following this, the deputies were sworn in by Tom Larson, Chief Deputy of the Norfolk Circuit Court. 

All remaining deputies will have mandatory reappointments accomplished before January 1.

You can read the sheriff's note of appreciation HERE


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