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relay for lifeIf you weren't sure why some NSO staffers were sporting a bit more facial hair during the month of Novenber, rest assured it was for a good cause.

"No Shave November" was a fund raising event held to raise money for "Relay For Life." It's proved to be so popular that we're adding "No Shave December" to the effort.

The rules are a bit different. Lt. Colonel C. Walz, Chief of Corrections, explained it in a memo:

"Due to overwhelming support of the Relay for Life fundraiser announced in Memo 17-136 as No Shave November, Sheriff Baron has approved an additional month for “No Shave December” through December 31, 2017.

"No Shave December” will strictly be for the purpose of raising additional funds for Relay for Life. There will be no contest or judging. New cards will be issued.

"All personnel interested in participating should contact Sergeant Goosby to make your payment (cash only) and receive your new “No Shave Card” no later than Monday, December 4, 2017. He will again be the point of contact for payment and sign up and may be reached at 823-1552. Upon payment, you will be given a “no shave card” that you can show your supervisor that you have paid to be part of the fundraiser.


1. Must provide a minimum donation amount of $30.00 to participate by Monday, December 4 (after pay day – cash only). A new shave card will be issued at time of payment.
2. Personnel who participated in No Shave November and wish to continue to grow their beard/goatee must have their new card on December 4, 2017 or they must shave.
3. There will be no judging or contest for No Shave December. It will strictly be for additional time to raise money for Relay for Life.


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