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    award sealRecently, one of our deputies brought something to our attention that we feel is deserving of recognition and praise from everyone here at NSO.

    Here’s the text of the positive action report filed about this:

    This positive action report is to recognize quality of character and selfless acts of kindness that Master Deputy James Burgess showed on the night of July 8, 2017.

    Master Deputy Burgess has worked for Regal Theaters at MacArthur Center for the last two years and has become very familiar with most of the regular customers and always has taken the time to talk and be friendly, and is considered a friend to most and has become part of the movie experience.

    One couple that has been coming to the theater just about every weekend has become very close to Master Deputy Burgess and look forward to talk and laugh with him. This particular couple is very special. The husband is a very large jolly man and the wife is disabled and confined to a wheel chair. But by no means does she let that hold her back. She is the most happy and positive person that you could ever want to meet or be around and it’s always a pleasure to talk to her.

    On one of the part time nights that Master Deputy Burgess was working, he noticed a phone holder that was attached to her wheel was broken and made out of plastic. When he ask about it, they said that they are not able to keep it from breaking due to heavy use and the fact that she’s constantly bumping into things.

    The holder is a very vital piece of equipment as the phone is a way to control her wheel chair and used by her to communicate.

    burgess old device web   burgess new device web
    This is the original rig that held a cell phone   

    This is the holder that Master Deputy Burgess fabricated to replace the old one 

    Master Deputy Burgess took it upon himself to design and fabricate a new phone box made out of aluminum at home. He bought the materials and did all the necessary bending, welding and polishing, plus drilled out the holes to fit the bracket on the wheel chair. The next weekend when the couple arrived at the theater, Master Deputy Burgess was prepared. He had brought his tool bag in with him and was able to fit and install the new metal phone holder to the surprise of the couple. This made the man and his wife cry and they were overjoyed and could not believe that he had done this for her.

    This is something very special due to the fact that Master Deputy Burgess has very limited personal time due to his work schedule. He always puts his three kids and his wife first on the list before himself. Master Deputy Burgess did this with no expectation of payment or any type of pay back. This is a fine example of someone looking out for their fellow man, and shows great character and a high level of values and caring.

    Master Deputy Burgess is the type of person the Norfolk Sheriff’s office needs and I feel that he is a great asset to the department. This is why I feel that he should be recognized for a job well done. Thanks for your consideration.

    -Corporal Sheppard

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