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recruitsThe field of law enforcement is ever changing. With that being said, sworn staff often retire, relocate, and sometimes switch careers in general. As a way to fill a handful of needed deputy sheriff positions inside of the Norfolk City Jail, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office held its first-ever open recruitment day.

We are pleased to announce that nearly 30 applicants showed up to the administration building on Saturday, July 29 in hopes of earning a spot on #TeamNSO. With applications filled out and ready to go, they gathered in the large training classroom to hear personal stories from senior staff members and take both the written and physical agility assessments.

recruits in queue"We couldn't have asked for a more smoothly run event," Major Grizzard, Officer in Charge of Training said. "The goal was to have a streamlined process where candidates could knock out 75% of the testing needed for a job as a deputy sheriff in one day. We made that happen with ease."

After seeing how successful this one-day recruitment event proved to be, the NSO Human Resources Department has decided to run this type of event on a more regular basis. This will ensure that there is always a pool of candidates ready to join the team as our force continues to transition into the 21st century.

Human Resources would like to extend a huge thank you to the staff members who came in on their day off to make this recruiting event so successful. 

The following individuals were ordered to report to the Training Academy on Monday, August 14, 2017 at 0430 hours to attend Basic Academy:

Bellavia, Matthew
Deloatch, Andre
Dudley, Shanika
Edwards, Ami
Franklin, Rashiem
Gallagher, Hunter
Harris, Cheryl
Hernandez, Melissa
Hill, Demetrius
Jackson, Lachrisha
Kinney, Delvin
Klutts, Amanda
Lightfoot, Perry
Mebane, Montreal
Minton, Andrew
Morrison, Zachary
Necoechea, Pablo
Newman, Joshua
Quick, Kennedi
Tate, Terry
Wadley, Quayshaun
Wiggins, Eric
Wilson, Dijon
Windley, Raymond


The academy requires each student to be in the uniform of the day. PT begins on the first day; therefore, recruits must bring the following gear with them on a daily basis:

  • running shoes
  • white socks
  • water bottle
  • FTO Folder

Students are required to park in the Harbor Park parking lot. Weapons are not permitted in the building at any time unless instructed to do so by the Training Academy Staff.


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