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September 14, 2016

Kaila DeRienzo, Public Information Officer
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Air Conditioning Issues/Repair Schedule at the NCJ

Due to multiple media inquires, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office would like to inform you that city officials are working to mitigate current air conditioning issues at the Norfolk City Jail.

Over the past few days, the main air conditioning system that is responsible for cooling the old tower of the jail (built in 1962) broke and was unable to be repaired by city maintenance staff. This impacts approximately 200 inmates on the 5th and 6th floors. As of Wednesday, September 14th, a vendor was selected by the city to replace the broken system. The process will take approximately one month from start to finish.

In recent weeks, we stated in a press release that the jail is a very old building with a history of temperature control issues dating back to when Sheriff Bob McCabe was first elected into office 23 years ago. This summer during a lengthy inspection of the jail, it was noted that the air handlers, duct work, and ventilation system in the building need cleaning, and the windows on one side of the building need to be replaced. The city has been made aware of the needed work on multiple occasions.

While the work is being done to replace the broken air conditioning system, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office is doing everything in its power to keep staff and inmates as comfortable as possible.

In July, inmates were issued shorts and t-shirts to wear, which was a first in city jail history. They will continue to wear them until deemed unnecessary. Deputies are permitted to wear short-sleeved uniforms. The jail will continue to keep large fans and water coolers in the affected areas. The jail staff is required to to keep a daily log of temperature readings throughout the day, which are then reported to senior staff members. Additionally, medical staff is consistently checking on the jail blocks that are hotter than others to make sure inmates are safe and healthy.



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