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SCAM ALERT! Virginia residents getting scam calls from VSP “Trooper” or "Lieutenant."

state police logoVirginia State Police reports that fraudulent telephone scams involving police impersonation are on the rise again! 

The scammer has "spoofed" a legitimate VSP phone number with a 276 area code to appear credible.

Please hang up on this person & see the tips below on what law enforcement DOESN'T do...

Phone Scam Alert!

- Caller is very convincing & claims to be a police officer/investigator/trooper or reaches you on Whatsapp.
- Caller ID shows valid Virginia State Police phone #.
- Scammer falsely claims your identity has been stolen or you have a warrant for arrest & you need to send $$ ASAP for the charges to be cleared.
- Scammer asks for $$ to be transferred or wired to an account OR asks you to buy/send gift cards.

- Law enforcement never contacts citizens by phone to request payment OR to clear arrest warrants.
- Law enforcement never requests payment by/with gift cards.
- Caller ID is not always accurate - easy to spoof a number.
- NEVER provide a credit card # or account information over the phone.
- Report telephone scams to the Federal Trade Commission at