Crime Prevention

The Norfolk Sheriff's Office has programs geared towards helping residents of any age prevent crime:

Crime Prevention Programs for School Age Youth:

  • Gang Prevention Awareness: A program designed to educate youth on the signs and indications of gang activity. This presentation discusses gang colors, customs, requirements and the reality of being involved in any form of gang activity.
  • Streetwise & Safe Kids: A presentation addressing the common sense approach to self-protection and drug awareness for children and teens.
  • Are We Safe Home Alone: What children can do to keep themselves out of harm’s way when home alone.
  • The Dangers of Alcohol & Tobacco for Kids & Tweens/Just Say No!: A look at how peer pressure and how alcohol and tobacco are a combination for trouble. Our Just Say No program covers gateway drugs and drug awareness.
  • Computer/Cyber Safety: Information children need to know to protect themselves while they are on the internet. We also cover signs and ways to prevent cyber bulling.
  • Bullying 101: This presentation informs youth about what bullying is, how to report it, and ways to prevent it.
  • Be a Leader: Youth will be taught the qualities of a leader, showing respect, leading by example at home and school, caring for others, showing compassion and honesty.
  • Gun Safety: The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program teaches children vital lessons on weapon safety.

Crime Prevention Programs for Parents and Other Adults:

  • Help eliminate auto theft (HEAT): A statewide auto theft prevention program that coordinates citizen action with law enforcement agencies. HEAT is a confidential toll free tip line for reporting information on stolen vehicles, chop shops and suspected auto theft activities including insurance fraud, identify theft, and carjacking’s.
  • Meeting the Challenge-Start a Neighborhood Watch: How to get involved in Neighborhood Watch and starting a Block Security Program.
  • Identify Theft-When Someone Steals Your Good Name: All the facts you need to stop, spot, and prevent identify theft and what to do if you become a victim.
  • Personal and Home Safety Seminar: Includes a variety of topics including personal safety, burglary/larceny prevention, street-wise safety tips, and how to prevent schemes and frauds.
  • Computer/Cyber Safety: Information parents need to know to protect children while they are on the internet. Also includes signs of and ways to prevent cyberbullying.

Crime Prevention Programs for Seniors

  • Sheriff’s Senior Watch: A program designed to help keep seniors safe in their homes and neighborhoods. Seniors receive periodic home visits or phone calls by our Deputies and Civilian staff to ensure that the client’s needs are being met.
  • Lecture Series: We offer a series of presentations covering a wide range of topics concerning the elderly... from identity theft, elder abuse, and crime prevention.
  • The Yellow Dot Program: The Yellow Dot sticker is to alert first responders at an accident scene to locate the medical envelope in the glove box of the vehicle. The envelope contains all medical information of the victim if the victim is unconscious or unable to speak.
  • The File of Life Program: Provides individuals with a medical packet which provides a File of Life sticker (to be placed on the entrance door of their home); a magnetized File of Life pouch (to adhere to their refrigerator in order to provide medical data for first responders).
  • Senior Safety Print: Our system provides seniors with an identification card that includes a current photo along with other valuable information.

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