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The GED Program’s curriculum is designed to enhance the basic skill level of offenders who need more instruction in order to pass the General Educational Development (GED) test.   This program is taught by NSO staff using GED Academy, an online mobile-friendly course that teaches students exactly what they need to know to pass the GED test. Using built-in practice tests, the adaptive learning system creates a personalized learning plan for each student, bypassing skills they have already mastered. Calvary Revival Church and House of Esther committed to this partnership via donations of tools, services and equipment in order to increase opportunities for a diverse adult student population.

In partnership with the Norfolk Public Schools and in accordance with Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), educational services are provided to inmates under the age of 22 with a history of special education. The program provides services in the areas of GED skills, basic academics, remedial reading, and social skills. A variety of teaching techniques and expertise are implemented to ensure the learning of inmates who exhibit a variety of disabilities and learning modules are met, using GED Academy.

Tidewater Community College

The Jobs Skills Training Program (JSTP) has developed a comprehensive approach to job skills training and job placement for individuals with barriers to employment. The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is in partnership with TCC to provide case management, job internships, workforce readiness training, and job follow-up. These 8-12 week programs are offered at no cost for the student. Specialized programs offer customized training for individuals who are incarcerated ranging from welding to certified food manager. JSTP Workforce Solutions offers re-entry programming for returning citizens upon completion of their certification. To qualify, participants must be a parent (between the ages of 18-30 with children 5-18 years old and qualify for RSVP funding).

Department of Justice (DOJ) Adult Reentry Education

In partnership with Norfolk Public Schools, this program seeks to expand and improve the academic and educational programs available to students to pursue obtaining their GED through competency-based learning and instruction.  Participants are low, medium and high risk for recidivism and low to medium risk for violent tendencies, with some high risk individuals included based on their incarcerated behavior record.  Students will be divided into two groups – Adult Basic Literacy and Adult Secondary Education.  Placement is based on testing results on the test of adult basic education (T.A.B.E.).  By partnering with our jurisdiction school system, we can provide seamless continuation for educational development for participants.  The primary goal of the program will be to expand and improve our educational offerings with support from instructors and facilitate successful completion with the aim of reducing recidivism and increasing participation in targeted groups.  By providing opportunities for education and the skills to succeed after leaving custody, we strive to build a stronger, better community one student at a time.

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