Alcohol & Chemical Treatment Drug Education: a 90-day session, taught by members of the Norfolk Apostolic Church, an evidence-based cognitive behavior session, focusing on addiction and recovery 

Thinking for a Change:  An integrated cognitive behavioral change program incorporating research from cognitive restricting theory, social skills development, and the learning and learning and use of problem solving skills 

AA/NA:  Weekly Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous are held by Norfolk Jail volunteers.  The Tidewater AA Council provides the group counseling sessions.

CHOICES:  A re-entry program focusing on a variety of subjects such as building self-esteem, decision making, domestic violence, sexual abuse, health education, employment preparation and addiction recovery

CBT Program:  An evidence based program is a form of psychotherapy that teaches offenders specific cognitive and behavior skills to help them management depression, mood swings, anxiety and stress

Renewal:  A 90-day spiritual re-entry, reconnecting inmates with a higher power

Second Chances: a program designed to reconnect fathers with their estranged families.  Fathers are taken on educational field trips to strengthen and unify parenting relations

Motherhood/ The Messages Project:  a program designed to assist in the first step toward reunifying inmates with their families

Fatherhood:  A program designed to reunite fathers with their children

GED/Adult Literacy Program:

Inmates who cannot read, write or perform simple math computations are identified for the Literacy Program. 

Pre-General and General Educational Development Preparatory Programs are geared specifically toward an inmates’ diagnostic levels for Writing, Social Studies, Natural Sciences, Interpreting Literature Arts,  and Math. 

Additionally, in a partnership with the Norfolk Public Schools and in accordance with the Individuals Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), educational services are provided to inmates ages 13-22 with a history of special education. 

The program provides services in the areas of GED skills, basic academics, remedial reading, and social skills.  A variety of teaching techniques and expertise are implemented to ensure the learning of inmates who exhibit a variety of disabilities and learning modalities are met. 
    • Barber Training:  Barber training and license course is a 6 month skilled based professional barbering classroom and hands-on training 

    • Landscaping Design:  During this 8 week class students will learn the 12 step process of designing a functional landscape plan

    • Art Therapy:   Introduction to art therapy workshop, offering mental health, rehabilitation, medical, educational and expressive therapy.  Facilitated by a volunteer art therapist.

    • Virginia Community Yoga Project:   This course focuses on teaching mindfulness practices which include yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, nonviolent communication and reconciliation.

    • Creative Writing/Writing Poetry:  In this 8-week workshop, students will be reading, discussing and practicing the craft of poetry and creative writing.

    • Introduction to Philosophy:  This course provides an introduction to the study of philosophy.

    • Music and Writing:  In this class, students write and record songs in diverse musical genres.  The program also recognizes the transformative potential of music and writing, seeking to facilitate opportunities for creative expression that cultivate mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

    • Public Speaking and Communication:  Public Speaking and Communications is a student driven course that identifies different types of public speaking and pursues strategies to engage in weekly composition and practice applications. 

    • 20th Century African American Music:  In this course students conduct historic and critical analyses of African American music covering the 20th Century.

    • 3 Principles:    The empowerment class teaches individuals how to access and sustain inner health and resilience.  The class provides support for those who have been impacted by addiction, mental health issues and offending behavior.

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