Senior Staff Members
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Senior Staff Members

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Sheriff Joseph P. Baron
Sheriff and High Constable
Bennett A

Lt. Colonel Angela Bennett
Chief of Operations
Walz Christopher

Lt. Colonel Christopher Walz
Chief of Corrections
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Lt. Colonel Michael O'Toole
Chief of Staff
Fiorella Raymond

Lt. Colonel Raymond Fiorella
Officer in Charge of Research and Development
Grizzard J

Major Janetta Grizzard
Assistant Chief of Operations
Baron Joseph

Major Duane Spruill
Officer in Charge of Corrections
Carter Larry

Major Larry Carter
Director of Leadership Development

Staff Birthdays


M. Bizzell
D. Cohen
A. Deloatch
M. Dempich 
K. Edwards
J. Giovenco-Montano
R. Jackson
R. James
J. Johnson
R. Jones
R. Jordan
D. Klutts
C. Lacey 
L. Lackey
F. Little
J. Lowe
R. Mader
K. Moore
T. Okereke
D. Owens
E. Pena
D. Perkins
A. Ray
T. Reed
B. Roberts
S. Salazar
V. Scott
C. Stone 
R. Stovall
S. Thomson
J. Vaughn Jr.
T. Walters
M. Walton
R. West
D. White
K. Wilkins
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