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July 25, 2017

Norfolk City Jail Earns NCCHC Reaccreditation

The Norfolk Sheriff's Office is proud to announce that the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) has concluded its review for continuing accreditation of the Norfolk City Jail medical services and that the jail has passed the test yet again.

On November 14, 2016, NCCHC conducted the review. Its final report was dated July 18, 2017. The recertification lasts for 3 years. According to the NCCHC, facilities who choose to seek NCCHC accreditation are committed to improving and providing a nationally accepted standard of care in health services delivery. This translates into improved inmate health status, fewer grievances, and reduced health risks to the community when inmates are released back into the public.

"This achievement would not be possible without your hard work and determination, excellence in teamwork, and the collective expertise of our staff and our medical contract staff. With each achievement such as this, we can strengthen our goals for success in the future. This accomplishment upholds our commitment to public safety, public service, and public trust and particularly our value to put team before self," Sheriff Joe Baron said in a statement to staff members on Tuesday morning.

The next scheduled on-site survey of the facility will occur sometime before November 1, 2019.

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PayrollDo you have questions about your benefits and payroll package? We want to provide answers.

The Payroll and Benefits division will be hosting two “Question and Answer” seminars on August 24 at 1000 and August 25th at 1000 at the NSO Admin and Training building. 

With the vast amount of changes this year we recognize that some employees may have questions regarding their pay. We have set up these two seminars to help answer as many of your questions as possible. We will use general examples of pay situations and will not discuss an individual’s specific pay at this seminar.

candles dark 16x9The article below my note was published earlier this month in the Wasington Post (Click HERE to read the original article). It led me to want to reach out to the NSO staff.

The first step in overcoming the grip of depression and the preventable tragedy of suicide is to bring it out into the light of day. This Sheriff, like our Sheriff, understands the dangers of ignoring and suppressing the stress, both personal and professional, that if left unchecked could result in devastating consequences for both the Sheriff's Deputy and his/her family, loved ones and friends.

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