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CIT TrainingThroughout 2017, several deputies with the Norfolk Sheriff's Office will be provided with the opportunity to receive crisis intervention team (CIT) training. This educational program will help equip our workforce with some tools to help them deal with inmates and other individuals who are experiencing behavioral problems associated with mental health issues.

While Norfolk Police officers receive this training to help them deal with those they confront in the community with mental health problems, the goal of the training with regard to Norfolk Sheriff's deputies is to deal with similar issues encountered within their inmate population.

On Thursday, January 5, our community affairs staff finished creating over 500 identification cards for students at Jacox Elementary School.

In our Safety Print ID Program, sworn and civilian support staff go out into the community and provide identification kits with photos and fingerprints to children under age 16 and their parents, as well as seniors.

This part of our program is called KidPrint, and our goal is to get every child in Norfolk registered in case of an emergency.

We also do the same thing for senior citizens. It's called Senior Safety Print. It provides seniors with an identification card that includes a current photo, a fingerprint, and with other valuable information.

Our inmate work crews have been out since early Sunday morning  making sure the grounds are clean after this weekend's snow storm.

On Sunday at around 6:00 a.m., Deputies Houck, Brothers, Lord, Wamsley, and Corporal Keisel took the crews outside to clear the visitation walkway, administration building, satellite building, and jail entrance. Going into Sunday afternoon, they worked on the sidewalks from Harbor Park to City Hall, as well as both court buildings. Crews also assisted the Parks crews with the City Hall complex.

Then on Monday, our crews headed back out to clear snow from other facilities, such as Norview High School and ODU (see slideshow below).

It's been freezing out there, but we couldn't be more proud of the NSO staff for helping save taxpayer dollars by using our labor crews to get the job done. If you see one of them this week, make sure to thank them!

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