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LECThe other day, I was sitting at a desk inside of a Norfolk elementary school classroom with a first grade student. We were talking about how summer break is quickly approaching. She looked up at me and said,"I don't want you to leave."

Those were some powerful words said to me, someone who for lack of better words, isn't a "kid person."

Now, you're probably wondering why I was inside of an elementary school to begin with at 26 years old. Let me explain.

Warren4When Leslie Garrett walks through her front door after a long day of work at the Norfolk Sheriff's Office, she's greeted with a round of wet kisses by her 90 pound, 4-legged friend Warren Barkett.

"It's just like he's lived here forever," Garrett said with a smile.

However, Leslie and Warren have only been a pair for a little over one month, and just how much longer they'll have together remains unknown.

military service pinSheriff Baron and the Norfolk Sheriff's Office are proud to officially debut brand new military service pins that will be distributed with certificates to all NSO employees who are military service veterans. Sheriff Baron, in his goal to recognize and value employees, implemented this new recognition pin to show appreciation to our veteran employees.

NSO secretary Dee Minor worked hard to staple a pin to each of the certificates (about 140 total) that Sheriff Baron has started to personally distribute.

Our first round of pins were delivered today. Thank you all for your service. 

leadershipAt the NSO, we're all about career development. With that being said, Sheriff Baron and his senior staff would like to announce that the following employees have been accepted into the Master Deputy Career Development Program as of May 1, 2017:

  • Master Deputy A. Graves
  • Master Deputy S. O'Brien
  • Master Deputy J. Corley
  • Master Deputy A. Nixon
  • Master Deputy J. Innocent
  • Master Deputy S. Hoggard
  • Master Deputy C. Williams-Valentine
  • Master Deputy J. Willoughby


58th Grad Class TimesA new round of deputies will soon join the NSO ranks!

These men an women have worked hard the past few months to train to become NSO deputies, and have earned our respect.

As they finish up their final days in the academy, we'd love for you to plan to join us at their graduation ceremony. It will take place on May 18, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Norfolk Fire-Rescue training center, 7120 Granby Street. The guest speaker will be Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone.

Feel free to share this invitation with anyone who might be interested in attending. All are welcome!

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Erik Shildt
Michael Smith
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Deborah Vogler
James Willoughby
Jennifer Worden

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