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Sheriff Baron 16x9All Staff:

August 1 marked 6 months since I took my oath as Sheriff for the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office. During that time I have made it my personal goal to ensure every one of you feel valued as employees. It’s easier to believe in yourself if you feel that others believe in you too.

We created a new ribbon and certificate to recognize our military veterans, I personally deliver service certificates, and we had our annual staff cook outs. Additionally, we have made changes in policies to meet the wishes of our employees about uniforms, counts, and other concerns. Further, we pushed the city to recognize our pay levels are not competitive. In response, the city allocated bonuses for all of our employees and provided raises that will take effect in January. This is the first step towards their commitment to getting us to a competitive salary. All of these changes were an effort to provide positive feedback to benefit our employees. It is motivating to know that your efforts are seen and your work is valuable.

Some changes have not been so easy. The City’s change from 24 pay periods to 26 pay periods has left many believing they are getting lower pay. The truth is your annual salary has not decreased at all. The pay is just distributed over two additional pay days. Pay checks were not being calculated correctly for the first six months and with adjustments to make the pay checks correct, employees will see less in their regular pay check. You are NOT getting paid less per year, again it is just spread out over more pay periods. I can assure you that command staff and I have been advocates for you to ensure the city gets this right. While not easy to deal with, please be assured we will make sure your pay is correct and will fight to get you better pay in the future.

Last month we created a new mission statement for our organization. I want every one of you to know how important being a value driven team is to me. I was raised on the values of respect and integrity. I was raised to believe in the Golden Rule. It is a part of who I am and it is my expectation that our organization will reflect these values every single day. If we do that, we will gain and keep the trust of our community. Treating others the way we want to be treated is an expectation that applies to everyone. I encourage you to own that value and live by it. It will be part of how you are measured in this administration. Integrity in all things means you will act honestly and give an honest day’s work. Conduct yourselves without prejudice. Take pride in the work we do together as a team. Think less about what you want and more about how you can contribute to team NSO. If you do all these things, you will be meeting my expectations and your value to our organization will increase immensely. Please take the time to learn our mission statement and live by it while employed by the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office.

As time passes you will see I truly care about you all and about our organization. I will treat you fairly and ensure you receive recognition when it is due. I will make every effort to ensure you are properly trained and your work environment is free from employee caused hostility. I ask you to treat our organization fairly. Be respectful to our commitment to public safety, public service, and maintaining the public’s trust. Thank you all for the hard work you do every day.

With warm regards,



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