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award sealI am pleased to announce the following promotions became effective in July and August:

The following promotion became effective August 17:

Captain Ronald McInnis (J673) to Major, assigned to Administration

The following promotions became effective July 22:

Corporal E. Williams (J1302) to Sergeant
Corporal R. Nieves (J737) to Sergeant
Corporal X. Kent (J1490) to Sergeant
Corporal N. Keisel (J1377) to Sergeant
Corporal J. Taylor (J1297) to Sergeant
Corporal T. Mitchell (J893) to Sergeant
Corporal A. Bacon (J188) to Sergeant
Deputy G. Barclift (J390) to Corporal
Deputy L. Miller (J744) to Corporal
Deputy T. Todd (J748) to Corporal
Deputy S. Valencia (J1656) to Corporal
Deputy A. Bell (J1315) to Corporal

Assignments for these newly promoted personnel will be forthcoming.

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