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Dressed in blue khaki uniforms, the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Academy class marched in unison into the training building. While they’re brand new recruits, they look sharp, and comfortable, almost like they’ve done this before. In a sense, many of them have. Out of a class of 23, nine of them are U.S. Veterans.

Deputy Recruits Anthony Horn and Royce Mader both served in the Marine Corps doing multiple combat tours. When Deputy Recruit Kendall Prunty was getting out of the Air Force, his Supervisor in the military told him to apply at the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office. What might seem like a random tip about a job was actually the result of efforts by our Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Human Resources team.

Project Lifesaver Locates Lost Souls. See how the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office uses radio frequency technology to find people who may suffer from Autism, Alzheimer’s or other diseases that affect location awareness. Project Lifesaver is an international effort.

Ken Sypult, a Navy veteran and partial amputee, depends on a cane, walker and wheelchair to get around, due to several medical conditions.

His Norfolk home is equipped with a handicap-accessible ramp, albeit an aging and weathered ramp, which caught the attention of his neighbor, Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Lt. Colonel Cindy Borum.

Borum decided the ramp needed to be replaced. She enlisted the help of members of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT). Borum offered to pay for the construction materials if SERT members would help her shop for the materials and build the ramp. They didn’t hesitate to pitch in.

During sweltering August heat, eight sworn NSO personnel reported for volunteer duty and a labor of love to build Sypult a new access way. Borum and Sgt. Brad Ward coordinated the project which was completed in one day.

When Sheriff Bob McCabe, who spent three years in the Navy himself, learned of the project, he was overcome with pride. “I’m not surprised that the SERT members stepped up or that Lt. Colonel Borum dug into her own pockets because they’re always willing to help. But, it especially pleases me to know they were able to assist a vet, a person who served us honorably, and who didn’t ask for help but who graciously accepted the assistance. I always feel the NSO is here for our heroes and this is a perfect example.”

Those forming the labor pool included Sgt. Jason Giovenco-Montano, Corporals Ray Van Nostrand and Robert Kerridge, Master Deputy Dennis Boyles and Deputies Nick Johnson, Wolf Valmond, Justin Bonk and Luke Sanford.

Borum now looks out on her neighbor’s deck with great satisfaction. “There was a need and I called on a few reliable people to help a veteran. And, they got the job done. A pretty awesome job,” Borum stated, emphatically.

Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe, Major Pat Dunn and Capt. Joe Baron recently participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and then challenged a few more individuals to help raise awareness about ALS. On behalf of the 500 men and women of the NSO, Sheriff McCabe made a $300.00 donation to the ALS Association (D.C./Maryland/VA chapter) from the Sheriff Bob McCabe Foundation. A lot of fun for a great cause as their colleagues looked on! Listen to who the Sheriff challenges!

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