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Local Norfolk Artist Charlotte Potter is passionate about “Ted Talks:” inspirational videos to share great ideas across the world.

After Potter led a “Ted Talk” herself on performance art, she suggested “Ted Talks” be shown to inspire inmates inside the Norfolk City Jail.

Sheriff McCabe thought it was a great idea.

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is launching a “live chat” on its website to help answer your questions, ranging from how to apply for jobs at the Sheriff’s office to information on inmates inside the Norfolk City Jail.

Instead of picking up the phone to call the Sheriff’s Office, friends or family members of inmates can chat with us online.

Starting today you can visit to message our staff, and they’ll respond to you right away.

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is proud to host Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring at Sheriff McCabe’s free summer camp at Camp Apasus on July 10th, 2015.

This is the first year the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office has won a “Virginia Rules” grant from the Office of the Attorney General. Under the program, children at Sheriff McCabe’s camps are taking classes in “Virginia Rules” curriculum. The lessons cover everything from gang violence to sexting to drugs.

Attorney General Herring is expanding the “Virginia Rules” camps this summer to help build community and prevent crimes.camp1

Sheriff Bob McCabe’s free summer camps are teaming up with Virginia State Parks.

It’s the first year of the new partnership, offering more opportunities to kids in Sheriff McCabe’s free summer camps.

Park Rangers will teach archery and how to set up camp sites, hoping to inspire kids to put down their electronic devices, and enjoy nature.

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