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As Sheriffs, we strive to give back to the community, especially helping those without a voice, our children.

The “UP Center” does just that, providing adoption, foster care and mentoring services for kids. The nonprofit goes even further, offering parenting and mental health counseling, a food pantry, housing and financial help as well.

Now it’s time for us all to “Step Up” to help!

Join us on May 9th for the “Step Up stair climb,” where participants run or walk up the stairs in Virginia’s tallest building, the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center. Anyone in the community can sign up to have fun for this great cause.

As for our local Sheriff’s Offices, I’m challenging your office to donate $1,000 to the Up Center, and create Sheriff’s Office teams for the event.

The Sheriff’s Office with the fastest, largest team and most money raised will win the “Stairmaster Award”.....and bragging rights!

See you at the top!

Sheriff Bob McCabe

April 23, 2015- Promotion Bios & Awards Ceremony

Deputy Laura Niedholdt (promotion to Corporal):

Deputy Laura Niedholdt was hired on July 2, 2012. Laura was born in Oak Park, Illinois and graduated from Calumet High School in Calumet, Michigan. She graduated from the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office 49th Basic Academy on October 12, 2012 as a Class Representative. She was assigned to B Team Corrections, Community Affairs, and Consolidated Courts prior to being promoted to the rank of Corporal. She will be transferred from the new Consolidated Courts to Corrections C Team. Laura has received certification as a Defensive Tactics, Firearms, and General Instructor as well as a Field Training Officer. Laura enjoys volunteering with the NSO, and her favorite football team is THE Chicago Bears.

Deputy Jeffrey Rogers (promotion to Corporal):

Deputy Jeffery Rogers was hired on July 8, 2010 and graduated from the Academy 45th session Nov 18th 2010. He has worked on B team his entire time with the NSO. His first two years he worked on post 2B prior to transferring to Booking. He spent 24 years in the Navy and retired in Apr 2009. He is a Diehard Cardinals Fan, and loves doing anything outdoors.

Deputy Erica Williams (promotion to Corporal):

Deputy Erica Williams was hired on July 8, 2008. Erica was born in the Borough of Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Prospect Heights High School. Deputy Williams moved to Norfolk, Virginia in June of 2002. She graduated from the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Basic Academy on April 9, 2009 and was awarded the Lieutenant Becky Weaver Award. She was assigned to Corrections A-Team and in June of 2009 she was assigned to Corrections Booking. She was Deputy of the Fourth Quarter in 2009. In 2011 she returned to A-Team Corrections and became a Field Training Officer and General Instructor. She currently is assigned to Corrections Security Threat Unit and became a Gang Specialist in October 2014. She volunteers her time to the Relay for Life team and other jail activities when called upon. Deputy Williams recently received Deputy of the Year for VFW 3160 and she says “it was an honor”. Her favorite football team is the New York Giants and her favorite basketball team is the New York Knicks.

Corporal Samantha Giovenco-Montano (promotion to Sergeant):

Samantha grew up and have been a lifelong resident of Virginia Beach. In 2008, she successfully graduated from the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office 41st Academy Session. During her 7-year career with the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office

she has proudly served several assignments; they include Corrections A, C, and D Platoons and Booking A and D.

Her most recent assignments included working in Organizational Development Division with both the Data Collection Center (DCC) and the PRIDE program. In December of 2011, she graduated from Tidewater Community College where she received her Associates of Applied Science with a Major in Administration of Justice. She is a huge Dallas Cowboy’s fan!! She also enjoys writing, painting, and finding huge bargains at yard sales.

Sergeant Kathleen Edwards (promotion to Lieutenant):

Kathleen has been employed with the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office since March of 2000. She has worked in Records, Booking and Services, but mainly she has worked on the jail teams. Her job has taught her so much in the way of learning how to motivate people. She really enjoys working with the deputies, teaching them everything she knows and hopefully, building them up to one day be in a supervisory position themselves. She feels that the amount of skill and dedication we have within our organization is incredible and many times people just need a little bit of guidance to become stellar employees. She is a people person...and believes in our people. She is excited to be going back to C-Team and looks forward to all the new adventures to come!

Sergeant Gerald Snyder (promotion to Lieutenant):

Sergeant Gerald Snyder “Gerry” was hired on August 8, 1997 and graduated in January 1998 from the 12th session academy class. He has worked on all four corrections teams, all four booking teams and in civil process, juvenile court, technology, and work release. He has have lived in Norfolk his entire life and attended Norview High School. His favorite sports teams are all located in Pittsburgh...Penguins, Steelers, Pirates.


Master Deputy Charles Williams was nominated and recommended for Deputy of the Quarter for a specific role he played during an event that took place on January 20, 2015, as well as for numerous other accomplishments he has achieved for the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office and his country. On March 7, 2013, Williams started military leave from the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office to begin a one-year deployment to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait for the United States Army. During his assignment, Master Deputy Williams served with Alpha Company, 48th Combat Support Hospital based out of Fort Story, VA. While in Kuwait, Master Deputy Williams was in charge of conducting troop readiness in regards to their physical condition and wellness. In conducting this readiness, Master Deputy Williams screened and conducted physicals for countless fellow soldiers. He was also responsible for assisting the company dietician in teaching nutrition classes to personnel from all four branches of the military. During this deployment, Master Deputy Williams traveled to many different military camps so that the physical readiness goals could be met. He went so far as transporting military personnel who had difficulties getting to the physical readiness classes to ensure that they were provided with the proper information for their physical health and well-being. Although his primary duties were to the military personnel, Master Deputy Williams was also in charge of offering and conducting physicals for local residents throughout the area. Master Deputy Williams traveled outside of Kuwait to Qatar, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates to assist numerous locals in their physical well-being.

Once his deployment was over, Williams returned back to the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office in April 2014 and was assigned to Corrections. He was then transferred to Community Corrections in May 2014 and later assigned to Civil Process in September 2014. Upon his return to Civil Process, Master Deputy Williams was assigned to his original route and he immediately showed his supervisors that he still had the skills, as well as professionalism, to perform his duties just as he did prior to his deployment. Civility software was implemented in the Civil Process Division during Master Deputy Williams’ deployment. (Civility was a new full-service civil process technology specially designed to assist civil process in the entire service of process, manage all aspects of a paper’s lifespan, and provide complete reporting and analysis). Although learning Civility would have been a learning obstacle for some, Master Deputy Williams learned it without issue which allowed him to immediately have a positive impact within Civil Process. Without a doubt, Master Deputy Williams is an important asset to the Civil Process Division. On January 20, 2015 he proved that he is also an important asset to the community, the City of Norfolk, and the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office. While on his route he was serving papers in the area of Wolferton Street when he heard over the police channel that Norfolk Police Department was looking for three suspects that had stolen a vehicle out of Chesapeake, VA. While Master Deputy Williams was listening to the description of the suspects he saw multiple NPD officers chasing someone that matched one of the descriptions. He pulled his unit over to the curb of Wolferton Street where he saw that suspect hiding behind an AC unit. Though the suspect attempted to flee, Master Deputy Williams was able to apprehend the suspect without incident. Master Deputy Williams was able to notify NPD officers, who took custody of the suspect. NPD officers thanked Master Deputy Williams and because of his assistance, NPD was able to focus their efforts on the last two suspects who they were able to apprehend.


Artemis Floros was nominated by her supervisor and has been selected as Civilian of the 1st Quarter. Artemis is a 2012 graduate of James Madison University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.93. She joined the NSO family September 8, 2013 and since she was hired, she has touched so many lives and hearts with her presence. She has played an integral role in the implementation and success of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Physical Ability Assessment. Artemis puts her heart and soul into her work. She is a selfless individual who deeply cares and devotes countless hours in promoting health and fitness as well as wanting everyone to achieve their fitness goals. She has made herself available to assist any NSO staff member who needs help with fitness, many times adjusting her schedule to fit the schedule of others. She developed HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes that many employees take advantage of and are a success. Artemis also went above and beyond the call of duty planning and monitoring the NSO’s Biggest Loser Challenge. With the help of the efforts of Artemis, staff members lost a total of 286lbs!!! Many employees have commented that if it wasn’t for Artemis, they don’t know what physical condition they would be in. Her dedication is evident and it shows. Due to her prior experience in working for the United Way, she was an obvious choice in heading the NSO Team in the United Way Campaign, getting participation from many staff members. The best quality of Artemis is her attitude. She is humble yet exudes great confidence. She has a pleasant demeanor and is always polite and courteous. She lights up any room she is in and is a joy to be around. She can be sure to brighten your day with a “best wishes from Artemis” email. All in all, we are proud of everything Artemis has accomplished thus far and she is very deserving of the Civilian of the Quarter nomination.

Sheriff Bob McCabe is thanking the community for generously donating thousands of books to our city jail.

The jail library was short  by about 1,000 books, and lacked inspirational books to help inmates lead better lives.

We had many people tell us that they saw the story in the local media and on our Facebook page, and they felt inspired to help.

“We have received more than 2,600 books, when our goal was one thousand. Thank you to the Norfolk Community for responding to Sheriff McCabe’s request for donations,” Library director Dan Provance said.

Provance is working to organize all the books, and he believes having fresh material will make a difference.

“Inmates can keep their minds occupied, and their imagination can take them anywhere,” Provance said.​

You can still donate books, by dropping them off in the Jail Visitation room at 811 E. City Hall Avenue, Norfolk, Va.

Check out Pilot Columnist Roger Chesley’s article on our book donations.

Cpl. Maggie Russell and Deputy Clanetta Mitchell share more than a family bond.   They have a gift for singing and often add their own distinct arrangement to a song.     Here’s Mitchell and Russell singing The National Anthem, something they generously do for NSO Academy Graduations.   And, recently they competed in a City contest to sing The National Anthem at Harbor Park.     Enjoy their melodic voices!

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is pleased to be participating with N.I.C.E. (Norfolk Initiative for Chess Excellence) to help young Norfolk minds get engaged in playing the game of CHESS.

The initiative’s Director, Lisa Suhay, has been leading the effort for more than three years and the NSO is pleased to be assisting with volunteers at the Lamberts Point Recreation Center who will help students learn critical thinking skills and other benefits of playing the game. We’re sure these young folks will teach us a few game skills, as well! As Lisa likes to say, “You don’t have to be smart to play CHESS, you play CHESS to become smart.”

Currently, NSO Community Affairs members are conducting a meeting of the minds with the young players each Wednesday afternoon at the rec center. Any NSO staff member is welcome to join the fun. You don’t need to know how to play-they’ll teach you!

If interested, contact Paula Miller in Public Information (664-4344) if you would like to participate. The NSO is pleased to be participating in this worthwhile community initiative.

Charity Day sees her new role at the NSO as everyone’s personal fitness cheerleader. And, she knows a thing or two about igniting enthusiasm, having cheered in high school and having started the first ever cheerleading squad at the United States Air Force Academy’s prep school. But, Day, who went on to graduate from the USAF Academy (Class of 2007) burnished more than cheering credentials while at the academy. She was a Division I fencer, earned her jump wings (skydiving), was a training leader for the air squadrons and went on to oversee three, 5-star Air Force fitness facilities. “I’ve always been fitness-oriented,” Day says. She competed in soccer in school, cheered, ran track and played violin for 14 years. She’s returning to the fitness world after most recently working at a computer, all day, as a state and local government procurement specialist. “I’m going back,” Day decided, “because I didn’t want to have a desk job.”

It’s her hope to spread the message of health and fitness department wide, by changing lives through a change in focus to healthy, happy indi-viduals. Day doesn’t subscribe to dieting, alone, as a means to achieve healthy lifestyles. She says success comes through lifelong fitness and healthy nutritional goals. And, she’s committed to helping everyone achieve their personal best, whether through group or individual atten-tion. “I care about you as an individual,” Day emphasizes and wants eve-ryone to know her priority is to ensure everyone passes the NSO’s new physical fitness test. Certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the New York native also worked at an area private fitness studio before joining the NSO. Now she sees herself in a position “with a lot of purpose.”

In an introductory memo to NSO employees, Day told uniform personnel, “I’m not here to watch you fail at physical fitness and I’m not here to put you on a diet. In fact, my only goal is to make you feel as if you’ve gained your own personal cheerleader who you can ask any and every-thing about fitness and nutrition.”

Meanwhile, Day has begun training for a bikini body-building competition. The current national title holder is a female police officer and Day hopes to unseat her from the title. Hailing from a service academy where part of the motto is, “…excellence in all we do,” it’s a good bet Day will be pumped and ready to perform at her personal best.

Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe has been named the American Cancer Society’s Honorary Chairperson for the 2013 Relay for Life which will be held June 1-2, 2013 at Norview High School.

Sheriff McCabe’s selection follows a multi-year commitment by the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office to the Relay event. His department’s activities stem from both personal losses and triumphs that have touched the lives of so many at the NSO. The office lost Lt. Becky Weaver to cancer in 2006 and Lt. Colonel Cindy Borum, the jail’s Commanding Officer of Corrections is a breast cancer survivor. In addition, the jail has numerous other cancer survivors and family members with the dreaded disease. The NSO Relay for Life Team consistently finishes near the top in fundraising each year for the annual event.

Sheriff McCabe said, “I accept this Relay leadership post in honor of all my employees who participate in and give so selflessly of their time and energies to Relay for Life and for those who are survivors and caregivers. I look forward to standing with our Nor-folk Relay participants as we look to raise a record amount of money to eliminate can-cer as a major health problem.”

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