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NSO badge A local scam is now targeting members of the military. On July 5, 2018, the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office received a call from a Navy sailor that fell victim to the scam. She reported that the thief called her at work, and the caller ID read “Norfolk Sheriff’s Department.”

D Team Cover PhotoArticle written by Cpl. R. Cleek during his time on D-Team
The "leader-leader" concept is promoted by our team commanders. Lt. Glaser, Sergeant E. Williams and Sergeant Middleton give all of their corporals the freedom to run our zones the way we see fit.

Nso Fitness Michael English and Kim BeanAfter many tests, Mike English’s doctor told him he had cancer. “It was likely caused by my poor eating and exercise habits. For too long, I lived a sedentary life, sitting too long, watching the computer screen, reading and watching television. It took a cumulative negative effect on my body,” Mike said.

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