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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

A court ordered, 90 day Individual and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Program for individuals with co-occurring disorders (one or more substance abuse disorders and one or more psychiatric disorders at the same time). Funding for this program will serve 15 offender groups each week for three years and excludes state inmates.

CBT is a form of psychotherapy that teaches offenders specific cognitive and behavior skills to help them manage depression, mood swings, anxiety, stress, etc.

Addiction is a disease. Focus is to learn about addiction process and how alcohol/drugs have affected the offender’s body and life.

Group sessions focus on the desire to use, recent relapses, struggles with potent emotions, and/or conflicts with other group members or family members.

One treatment plan addresses both substance abuse and mental health needs. Integrated services are important because people with co-occurring disorders have a better chance of recovery from both when they receive combined or integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment from the same clinician or treatment team.


Each Thursday, eligible inmates participate in weekly NA/AA group alcohol and drug treatment. Classes for men and women are on Thursday nights. The Tidewater AA Council provides the group counseling service.

For more information, contact Joy McDonald at 664-4191.

John School

The goal of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Prostitution Intervention Program is to alleviate streetwalking prostitution in the City of Norfolk.

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office “John School” is offered six times a year. Participants are required to report to the Norfolk City Jail to be booked at 6:45 am on a Saturday.

Transportation is provided to an area recreation center where they are tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), which is paid for by the individuals, and learn about the health risks associated with prostitution. There is also a presentation by former prostitutes and a “restorative justice confrontation” with various community leaders. The program continues on Sunday with a Community Service day, which includes work projects selected by the Civic leaders in the neighborhoods where the Johns are arrested.

The first John School was held September 9, 2001. Over 550 offenders have completed in over 40 John Schools, which have been held at the Recreation Centers in Ocean View, Park Place, Huntersville and Little Creek. No John School graduates have been re-arrested. Call 664-4705 for next John School date, time and location.

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